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Beth Allan, West Elem. Counselor
316-755-7030 x 3030
Email: [email protected]

              Guidance Counseling at West Elementary School                 

A Child/Student may be referred to the
Elementary School Counselor by:  

Parents, Teachers, Self-Referrals by Students,
School Administrators, &/or Community Agencies.

What does an Elementary Counselor do?

Counsels with children, the elementary students to facilitate development of the whole child.

  • Individual counseling is another way to help children through their journey of personal & academic growth.  This may include as a part of the complex helping process counseling discussion, intervention planning and tracking, development of behavior plan interventions, to help the student create an inclusive learning opportunity in the school environment.  

  • Small Group counseling offers an opportunity for students with similar concerns a place to learn coping skills through effective steps and proven methods. Small Group parent permission forms are sent home with the counseling brochure the second week of school.  Groups are available to deal with the following topics: Organization & Study Skills; Social Skills development; Banana Splits-for students dealing with divorce in their family; Elephant in the Living Room-for students dealing with alcohol/drug abuse in the home; Grief & Loss and Anger Control with Positive Behavior Support skills development.

  • Classroom Guidance provides proactive methods to help students succeed—the primary goal. Mrs. Allan spends 40 minutes per week teaching age/grade level skills in the three domains of guidance counseling and development services; Educational Development, Personal and Social Development, and Career Development.  Mrs. Allan is the leader of classroom guidance lessons on topics including all of the following areas from the three counseling domains: Study Skills, Test/ Prep, Academic Performance, Critical Thinking, Positive Attitude & Behavior, Problem Solving Decision Making Skills, Self-Esteem-Personal Growth, Career Awareness & Development for the World of Work and Employability Skills, Team Building, Conflict Resolution & Bullying Prevention, Character Education and Responsible Citizenship from Character Counts, Skills for Transition into the 21st Century Living & Working in our global society & more.

  • Communicates with teachers, parents, other school staff members, and outside community agencies. Referrals are made to other area resources for services and/or to agencies in support of the child and family.

  • Promotes a positive school climate.

  • Organizing & administration of all Standardized Testing. Kansas Assessments in Math and Reading for 3rd grade students from February through April.  The counselor may also complete the Kaurman Brief Intelligence Test or other testing as requested by parents and school personnel.

  • Student Improvement Team chair the General Intervention Team planning for students experiencing difficulty with academic skills and achievement or school success. This process includes referrals from parents, students, classroom teachers and others in the educational setting.  The purpose is to develop the best educational plan for each student and to develop the school climate for successful growth and change.

"Children are the world's most valuable
resource and its best hope for the future.”

-John F. Kennedy


Why does an Elementary School Counselor do counseling both individually and in groups?

  • To improve academic performance & educational opportunities for all students.

  • To help children understand how they learn.

  • To help children develop self-understanding & self-awareness.

  • To help children set and attain goals.

  • To help children build self-esteem.

  • To help children recognize & make the best use of their capabilities.

  • To support families in character education.

  • To help children feel worthwhile.

  • To give children an opportunity to talk about their educational & personal-social concerns.

  • To help children recognize, understand, & work through learning difficulties.

  • To help children better adjust to their environment.

  • To help children develop an awareness of the world of work.

  • To help children in the academic & decision-making process.

  • To help children become Leaders & Team Players

 Parent Guide links to Curriculum Standards for Guidance and Counseling and Kansas Assessment Testing information: