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3rd grade Transition

3rd grade Transition

Valley Center Intermediate School transitions 3rd grade classes at Abilene Elementary, West Elementary and Wheatland Elementary to 4th grade at VCIS every single year.  While this is a large transition, we work hard to make this transition as seamless as possible.  

We distribute our VCIS brochure to every student in the district but if you were not able to get one, you can click on this link to download a copy for yourself.  If you have a question and it is not answered in this brochure, then you can watch the videos below to hopefully answer your question. 

Some of the videos were created by VCIS teachers to get students excited to become a part of the intermediate school family.  However, if your question is still not answered then you can contact the Principal, Greg Lehr, at [email protected] or (316) 755-7050.    

What does the playground look like?
Typical Day at VCIS 
How do the lockers work? 
How do Chromebooks work?
Be the Change, Making a Difference Beyond You core values & behavior plan