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Discipline Information


               Progressive Discipline

Discipline will be imposed to keep all students safe on the bus. Behaviors that increase the risk of accident or injury on the bus are divided into three levels of risk, Level 1 being the lowest risk to safety and Level 3 the greatest risk to safety.  The consequences for the student are also progressive.

Level 1 incidents include, but are not limited to, not sitting properly on the bus, throwing paper or other non-threatening items, yelling/noisy, hands or arms outside the window, minor language/verbal hazing, and inappropriate use of electronic devices.
Drivers will issue verbal warnings for initial offenses but if the behavior continues the driver will send a STUDENT BEHAVIOR ON THE BUS form home with the student. The form requires the student and parent/guardian signature and is to be returned to the driver or transportation facility within 3 business days. The driver may also move the student to the front of the bus. In addition, the parent or guardian will be sent a short email to notify them of the infraction. 

Level 2 incidents include, but are not limited to, physically engaging another student without intention of harm (horseplay),  minor defacement of property, inappropriate language, Aggressive/abusive verbal behavior, disrespectful to the driver or bus aide, inappropriate displays of affection, getting on or off the bus at a stop other than their stop, bullying/harassment, name calling, and repeated Level  1 violations.
For all Level 2 incidents the driver will contact the parent/guardian and submit a Bus Incident Report to the Transportation Director. The Transportation Director will consult with the school principal and notify the parent/guardian of the disciplinary action that will be taken. Students may be disciplined at school by the principle and/or they may be suspended from transportation services for 1 to 10 days as a consequence for Level 2 incidents.

Level 3 incidents include, but are not limited to, fighting, aggressive acts or intimidation with intent of physical or verbal harm toward others (cursing/raising fists), bullying/harassment with intent to harm others mentally or physically, major defacement of property, weapons/tobacco/drugs/alcohol on the bus, sexual harassment, theft or arson, gang related activity, a 3rd Level 2 incident, any behavior that would constitute a misdemeanor or felony.
The minimum consequence for Level 3 incidents is a 1 to 10 suspension from transportation services. Students may be suspended for longer time periods including a suspension for the remainder of the school year. The student may also be disciplined at school by the principle.

                    Disciplinary Appeals

A parent/guardian/student desiring to appeal the issuance of a Bus Incident Report or subsequent punishment may do so in accordance to school board policy by contacting their child’s attendance center principal. The appeal shall be heard within five (5) school days of the request unless an extension is requested in writing by the parent. The request for an appeal hearing shall temporarily restrain the implementation of a suspension unless the transportation supervisor or the building principal determines; that in the interests of bus safety, or good order, the suspension is necessary or the hearing cannot be conducted in a timely manner.