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Fax Server

We have an email-based fax system.  Sending a fax from the fax machines and copiers does not work.

  1. To send a fax, open a new email in Gmail. 
  2. For the TO email address, enter the phone number you are trying to send the fax to, followed by ‘@fax.usd262.net’.  Remember you still need to include the 8 before the phone number if you are sending the fax to a number outside the district, the same as if you were dialing the number from your desk phone.
  3. Click Send.  You will receive a message from ‘[email protected]’ verifying that the fax was successfully sent.  If the destination fax machine is busy then the fax server will try re-sending the fax several time, so it may take up to an hour before you receive a successful/failure notification back from the server.

The Subject and message body are both optional, but will be included in the fax if filled in.  The subject line will be included on the cover sheet, which is automatically generated by the server and included with the fax, so it is a good way to show the name of the person or department the fax is for.  You can attach documents to the email, including Word and PDF files.  The attachments will be appended to the fax.  The faxes you send will show that they have come from your building fax number.  For example, faxes sent by District Office staff will show 316-755-7001 and Abilene staff faxes will show 316-755-7021 and so on.

If you are having trouble sending an attached Word document or Excel spreadsheet, please save the document as a PDF and resend.  This usually fixes the issue.

Incoming faxes will be delivered to the secretaries at each building.  They will forward the fax to the intended recipient.

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Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions or need help sending a fax.