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West Elementary

  Mark Hoy
Photo of Mark Hoy

  Beth Allan
Photo of Beth Allan

Office Staff
Tiffany Moses
Admin Assistant
Photo of Tiffany Moses

Rosa Orona
Admin Assistant
Photo of Rosa Orona

Jami Dessenberger
Photo of Jami Dessenberger
Jessica Smith
School Resource Officer
Photo of Jessica Smith


Mackenzie Thompson
Photo of Mackenzie Thompson

1st Grade
Hannah Frazer
Photo of Hannah Frazer

Sarah Ingle
Photo of Sarah Ingle

Courtney Mayer
Photo of Courtney Mayer


Trish McFarland
Photo of Trish McFarland

2nd Grade
Drenda Higgins
Photo of Drenda Higgins

Rachel Ishman
Photo of Rachel Ishman
Kelly Knoblauch
Photo of Kelly Knoblauch

Terry Peterson
Photo of Terry Peterson

3rd Grade
Ronda Bastian
Photo of Ronda Bastian

Angela Heier
Photo of Angela Heier

Erin Moreno
Photo of Erin Moreno

Michelle Truman
Photo of Michelle Truman

Additional Staff
Sharon Coleman
Learning Support
Photo of Sharon Coleman

Pam Rivera
Learning Support
Photo of Pam Rivera

Tabatha Gengler
K-2 Literacy Specialist
Photo of Tabatha Gengler
Megan Coltharp
       PBS Teacher        
Photo of Megan Coltharp

Grace Nielsen
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Grace Nielsen

Andie Prochnow
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Andie Prochnow

Mary Mitchell
Photo of Mary Mitchell

Lindsay Jervis
Photo of Lindsay Jervis
Patti Paulson
Photo of Patti Paulson

Jared McDaniel
Adaptive P.E.
Photo of Jared McDaniel

Katie Rice
Photo of Katie Rice

Karen Olsen
Photo of Karen Olsen

Karla Martens
Photo of Karla Martens

Amy Zwetow
ELL Coordinator
Photo of Amy Zwetow

Jessica Mefford
Photo of Jessica Mefford

Amy Eicher
Social Worker
Photo of Amy Eicher

Anna Kasel
Mental Health Liaison
Photo of Anna Kasel

Vanessa Eberhart
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Vanessa Eberhart

 Stacy Tucker
Physical Therapist
Photo of Vanessa Eberhart

Cheryl Valdois
Full Time Substitute
Photo of Cheryl Valdois

Building Aides
Jana Ghere
Photo of Jana Ghere

Roxann Reich
Photo of Roxann Reich

Paras and At-Risk Aides

Felicia Carter
Photo of Felicia Carter

Patricia Child
Photo of Patricia Child

Callie Rector
Phot of Callie Rector

Nancy Craven
Photo of Nancy Craven

Patricia Diaz
Photo of Patricia Diaz

Susan Harder  
Photo of Susan Harder

Jennifer Harrell
Photo of Jennifer Harrell

Michelle Lamb
Photo of Michelle Lamb

Debbie Lewis
Photo of Debbie Lewis

Adriana Lumbreras
Photo of Adriana Lumbreras

Bethany Otte
Photo of Bethany Otte

Amy Roberts
Photo of Amy Roberts

Julie Seidl
Photo of Julie Seidl

Janet Shirk
Photo of Janet Shirk

Beth Lewis
Photo of Beth Lewis

Jayme Walker
Photo of Jayme Walker

Emily Yoder
Photo of Emily Yoder


 Dawn Pilcher
Photo of Dawn Pilcher

Bryce Nicholson
Photo of Bryce Nicholson

Food Service
Christi Stream
Photo of Christi Stream

Lora Alexander
 Photo of Lora Alexander

 Thomas Fredin
Photo of Thomas Fredin

 Destiny Clayton
Photo of Destiny Clayton

Javen Huffman
Photo of Javen Huffman