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One-to-One Chromebook Initiative

Beginning in 2012, your Valley Center Middle School embarked upon a new direction for learning when each student received an iPad. Since then, this one-to-one initiative expanded to include 7-12th grades and some revolutionary teaching and learning activities.

Beginning in August 2016, we transition to Chromebooks allowing a wider range of academic activities at a lower cost to the community. We are very excited, and honestly a little nervous, about this change. Yet, the Valley Center Schools are recognized as a national leader in Digital Literacy and we are confident our students and staff will easily make this adjustment.


Paperless Assignment Workflow  

Chromebooks will change how students receive and submit activities electronically. We anticipate transition away from the system used last year (eBackpack) towards Google Classroom and the Google Ecosystem.

Here is a short video demonstrating many Google Classroom features.