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Intermediate School


All USD 262 e-mail addresses are:  [email protected]  

  Lauren Frederic
Photo of Lauren Frederic

Nicole Burdette
Photo of Nicole Burdette

 Emie Novack
Photo of Emie Novack

Office Staff/Nurse
Tammy Johnson 
Admin Assistant
Photo of Tammy Johnson

Jena Berschauer
Admin Assistant
Photo of Jena Berschauer

Jacob Warren
Photo of Jacob Warren

 Jessica Smith
School Resource Officer
Photo of Jessica Smith

4th Grade Teachers
 Jeannette Blackwell
Photo of Jeannette Blackwell

Breanna Chavez
Photo of Breanna Chavez

Julie Hickman
Photo of Julie Hickman

Gwen McDonald
Photo of Gwen McDonald

Rylie Miller
Photo of Rylie Miller

Jessica Milleson
Photo of Jessica Milleson

 Karen Spring
Photo of Karen Spring

Carridy McGregor
Photo of Carridy McGregor

Cori Wolff
Photo of Cori Wolff

Claire Yost
Photo of Claire Yost

5th Grade Teachers
 Jaimee Buchta
Photo of Jaimee Buchta

Elise Corcoran
Photo of Elise Corcoran

Amy Duron
Photo of Amy Duron

Christi Jones
Photo of Christi Jones

  Amy Manes
Photo of Amy Manes

 Devin Martin
Photo of Devin Martin

Amy Remington
Photo of Amy Remington

Sheila Schul
Photo of Sheila Schul

Melissa Stockwell
Photo of Melissa Stockwell

Gina Zimmerman
Photo of Gina Zimmerman

Exploratory Teachers
Crystal Coleman
Photo of Crystal Coleman

Calie Greenwood
Photo of Calie Greenwood

Kyle Lefler
Vocal Music
Photo of Kyle Lefler

Crystal Rathburn 
Instrumental Music
Photo of Crystal Rathburn

 Jan Verboom
Instrumental Music
Photo of Jan Verboom

 Mary Wagoner
Instrumental Music
Photo of Mary Wagoner

Additional Staff
Joshua Funk 
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Joshua Funk

Cami Kingsley
Mixed Abilities Teacher
Photo of Cami Kingsley

Jared McDaniel
Adaptive P.E.
Photo of Jared McDaniel

Danielle Savage
PBS Teacher
Photo of Danielle Savage 

Amanda Smith
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Amanda Smith

 Michael Stevens
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Michael Stevens

Emily Mulch
Photo of Emily Mulch

Karen Olsen
Photo of Karen Olsen

Michele Janssens
Photo of Michele Janssens

Tia Massey
Learning Support
Photo of Tia Massey

Amanda Williamson
Learning Support
Photo of Amanda Williamson

Jessica Mefford
Photo of Jessica Mefford

 Amy Eicher
Social Worker
Photo of Amy Eicher

Anna Kasel
Social Worker
Photo of Anna Kasel

Michelle Taylor 
Social Worker
Photo of Michelle Taylor

Susan Loerke
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Susan Loerke

Alice Hartman
Physical Therapist
Photo of Alice Hartman

Stacy Tucker
Physical Therapist
Photo of Stacy Tucker

Velda Meyer
Full Time Substitute
Photo of Velda Meyer

Jaime Andrews
Photo of Jaime Andrews

Amy Zwetow
ELL Coordinator
Photo of Amy Zwetow

Emily Foerschler
Photo of Emily Foerschler

Jamie Capper
Psych Secretary
Photo of Jamie Capper

Stephanie Birney
Hornet Care Team
Photo of Stephanie Birney

Cindy Brockhoff
At Risk Aide
Photo of Cindy Brockhoff

Betty Clausel
Library Aide
Photo of Betty Clausel

Ana Davis
Photo of Ana Davis

Allie Decker
Photo of Allie Decker

Gretchen Fox
Photo of Gretchen Fox

Emily Frye
Photo of Emily Frye

Marie Grayson
Photo of Marie Grayson

Jessica Lang
Photo of Jessica Lang

Dani Matias
Photo of Dani Matias

Tammy Moler
Photo of Tammy Moler

 Abby Nation
Building Aide
Photo of Abby Nation

Jessica Shepherd 
Photo of Jessica Shepherd

 Angela Smith
At Risk Aide
Photo of Angela Smith

Jennifer Orvis
At Risk Aide
Photo of Jennifer Orvis

Michelle Unruh
Photo of Michelle Unruh

Rene Weber
Photo of Rene Weber

Victoria L'Ecuyer
Photo of Victoria L'Ecuyer

Kathy McDannald
At Risk Aide
Photo of Kathy McDannald

Food Service
Natasha Waters
Photo of Natasha Waters

Bridget Cox
Photo of Bridget Cox

Shanta Hickert
Photo of Shanta Hickert

Peggy Pepper
Photo of Peggy Pepper
Natalie Shurley
Photo of Natalie Shurley

Jim Spencer
Photo of Jim Spencer

Crystal Turner
Photo of Crystal Turner

 Shannon Pettiet
Photo of Shannon Pettiet

Carmen Robles
Photo of Carmen Robles

Melissa Harris
Photo of Melissa Harris

Aaron Price
Photo of Aaron Price


Sandra Lopez
Photo of Sandra Lopez