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Dual Credit

Dual and Concurrent Credit Options

1)  Students must have a minimum (current & cumulative) 2.0 GPA  
Dual Credit/Concurrent Credit courses are available for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, however most courses are targeted for juniors/seniors.
3)  Several courses have prerequisites (passing) courses.  
4)  Academic test scores apply to some courses/programs, prior to enrollment, i.e. ACT, Accuplacer, EdReady scores, higher GPA.  For core content eligibility click here.
Check for Kansas Board of Regents Transferability HERE

Institution Inst Course Number College Lvl Course Name Credit Hours VCHS Course Name
WSU Tech ENG101 Composition I 3 College Credit Senior English (sem 1)
WSU Tech ENG102 Composition II 3 College Credit Senior English (sem 2)
WSU Tech MTH112 College Algebra 3 College Algebra (sem 2)
WSU Tech MTH112 College Algebra 3 Precalc (sem 1)
WSU Tech MTH113 Trigonometry 3 Precalc (sem 2)
WSU Tech POL101 American Government 3 College Credit Government
WSU Tech PSY101 General Psychology 3 Psychology
WSU Tech SOC101 Sociology 3 Sociology
WSU Tech SPH101 Public Speaking 3 College Credit Speech
WSU Tech PHS120 General Physics 5 Physics (sem 2)
WSU Tech FOL101 Spanish I 5 Spanish III (sem 2)
WSU Tech FOL102 Spanish II 5 Spanish IV (sem 2)
WSU Tech MTH125 Calculus 1 5 AP Calculus (sem 2)
WSU Tech MTH120 Elementary Statistics 3 AP Statistics (sem 2)
WSU Tech CHM110 General Chemistry 5 Chemistry II (sem 2)
WSU Tech CHM125 Chemistry I 5 AP Chemistry (sem 1)
WSU Tech CHM135 Chemistry II 5 AP Chemistry (sem 2)
WSU Tech BIO130 Biology 5 Biology II (sem 2)
WSU Tech BIO150 Human Anatomy & Physiology 5 Human Anatomy & Physiology (sem 2)
WSU Tech PED110 Lifetime Fitness 1 Lifetime Fitness/Aerobics
WSU Tech CCP100 Intro to Craft Skills  3  Woodworking Principles
WSU Tech AVC110 Safety/OSHA 10 1 Furniture and Cab (sem 1)
WSU Tech AVC117  Hand & Power Tools  4 Hand & Power Tools
WSU Tech TAS131 Engine Performance I 3 General Services II (sem 1)
WSU Tech AVC110 Safety/OSHA 10 1 General Services II (sem 1)
WSU Tech TAS124 Electrical I 3 General Services II (sem 1)
WSU Tech TAS123 Steering & Suspension I 4 General Services II (sem 2)
WSU Tech TAS133 Brakes I 3 General Services II (sem 2)
WSU Tech TAS126 Manual Trans/Transaxle Drive 4 General Services III (sem 1)
WSU Tech TAS134 Brakes II 1 General Services III (sem 1)
WSU Tech BUS200 Principles of Management 3 Business Management
WSU Tech ACC105 Fundamentals of Accounting 3 Accounting I (sem 2)
WSU Tech ACC160 Principles of Accounting I 3 Advanced Accounting (sem 1)
WSU Tech ACC170 Principles of Accounting II 3 Advanced Accounting (sem 2)
WSU Tech BUS140 Principles of Marketing 3 Marketing I (sem 2)
Varies Varies Varies by institution 3 AP Language & Composition (exam required)
Varies Varies Varies by institution 3 AP Literature (exam required)
WSU Tech ALH101 Medical Terminology 3 Medical Terminology
WSU Tech GRA101 Certified Nursing Assist 5 Certified Nursing Assist
WSU Tech HHA100 Home Health Aid 2 Home Health Aide
WSU Tech Varies Block Programs (half day) Varies 8-13 "WSU Tech Vo-Tech Training"
WSU Tech Varies Various Classes (Online) Varies "College Study""
Butler CC Varies Various Classes (online/half day) Varies "College Study""
Hutch CC Varies Various Classes (online/half day) Varies "College Study""

SU Tech
1Steps to enroll at WSU Tech 
Need to pay for your WSU Tech tuition?  View STEP 6
3) Questions:  Contact Ms. Seacat, [email protected] or 755-7070
4)  How to find your WSU Tech textbook, e-textbook, or online e-resource (Video Tutorial)

WSU Tech, Block Programs for Juniors & Seniors Only

  • Auto Service 
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology 
  • Business (online)
  • Climate & Energy Control Tech (HVAC)
  • Construction Science
  • Drones
  • Healthcare (CNA is at VCHS, a more comprehensive program is held during the block hours)
  • Information Technology
  • Interior Design
  • Machining
  • Police Science *Note, some courses cost 
  • Welding
Notes & Important Links: 

WSU Tech Summer Enrollment
1) Determine which course(s) you are wanting to take, to see your options go to WSU Tech Course Schedule HERE. Refrain from taking classes you can take for DC while attending VCHS, see list above. 

2)  Determine if there are any prerequisites, double check that you meet them (ie courses, test scores).  

3)  Research if there is a textbook, supplies, or online fees that will need to be purchased and identify the cost of the course, to determine if it is within your budget.  

4) Complete the online application process here: https://sites.google.com/view/wsutechdc/steps-to-enroll

5)  Log in and check your WSU Tech Blackboard HERE to verify enrollment and go to your myWSUtech account HERE to pay the tuition.  For log in and technical help call the IT Help Desk at (316) 677-9906.


  • Summer college credits are not applied to the VCHS transcript or towards VCHS graduation requirements.  
  •  Questions-Contact Mrs. Allen or call WSU Tech at (316) 677-9680.

Butler Community College Early  College Academies


  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Cyber Security 
  • Engineering Studies
  • Game & Simulation Design
  • Augusta: 
  • Culinary Arts
  • Welding
Rose Hill:
  • Education
  • Health Science
  • Humanities 

Notes and Important Links: 

Hutchinson Community College Block Programs (Newton locations)
  • Agriculture Science
  • Animal Science
  • Plant Systems
  • Power, Structure, & Technical Systems
  • Construction
  • Engineering & Applied Math
  • Health Science 
  • Production-Welding
  • Mobile Equipment (Automotive)
  • Networking-IT

Notes and Important Links:

Other institutions are considered on a case by case basis.