Active Science Interactive modules that demonstrate various science topics (K-8)
Beth's Rock Collection A site dedicated to helping teachers use music in education to engage students (K-6)
Biology Animation Library Library of animated lessons (9-12)
Biology/ Planetary Science Label Download diagrams which can be labeled; definitions/ descriptions are provided (K-12)
Children's University Interactive, online learning from The University of Manchester (K-8)
Clean Sweep U.S.A. Lessons and games about environmental issues. (K-6)
DIG STATS Resources, activities, and lessons on descriptive and inferential statistics and graphical analysis (7-12)
Discover Simulations Houghton Mifflin Simulations (K-6)
First Gov for Kids Annotated lists of links to Environment, Health, Plants and Animals, Science and Math, Space (K-6)
Games for the Science Curriculum Several fun templates that make creating science games easy (K-12)
How Everyday Things are Made If you've ever wondered how things are made - products like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles, this site is for you (K-12)
Hunkin's Experiments Experiments with food, light, sound, clothes, science, and more (K-8)
I was Wondering

From the National Academy of Sciences this site specifically focuses on engaging young girls in science (3-6)

Interactive Library Large selection of interactive applets (9-12)
Internet4Classrooms Links to astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and science fair (2-12)
Jefferson Labs Find homework helpers, online games and quizzes and a teacher resource page (3-12)
National Geographic Kids Games, activities, and videos (K-8)
National Geographic Young Explorers Interactive Classroom Magazine for kindergarten and first grade (K-1)
Ology Study and explore many cool Ologies (4-12)
Online Conversion Convert length, speed, temperature, cooking, angles, areas, energy, density, force etc. (1-12)
On-Lion Science for Kids Large selection of science topics with articles, games, and links (K-12)
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena 55 interactive examples of optical illusions (3-12)
Pearson SuccessNet Online Resource for K-6 Science Textbook
Peer Curricula Biology and Environmental Health Modules ready to use (6-8)
Pod's Mission Interactive site including the following topics: bones, electricity, and solids and liquids (2-6)
ReviseWise Living Things, Materials, Physical Process, Game Zone, interactive activities, fact sheets and tests (K-6)
Science Bob Fun site includes interactive labs, experiments, and science fair help
Science Geek Huge collection of Biology and Chemistry resources (9-12)
Science Lab Interactive lessons on various science topics (2-12)
Science News For Kids Features articles on science topics from agriculture to weather; includes PuzzleZone, GameZone, and SciFairZone (8-13)
Science Online Lesson plans, interactive activities, worksheets, and links (K-8)
Science Pioneers Innovative and supportive educational activities that will encourage the youth of Kansas City to understand and use science and critical thinking in their careers and everyday life (K-12)
Science Teacher's Guide Lesson Plans, activities, thematic units, demonstrations (K-12)
Science Teachers of Missouri Science information and resources for Missouri teachers (K-12)
Science Up Close Grade Level collections of interactive sites created by Harcourt (K-6)
ScienceNetLinks A comprehensive "homepage" for science educators, searchable by science benchmarks (K-12)
Sheppard Software Teach most science concepts using this interactive resource (3-12)
Simple Science Free informative songs (K-6)
TED Videos Some great science videos on various topics posted on the TED website (7-12)
The Science Spot Links to a huge collection of science topics (2-6)
Try Science An interactive site that features experiments on DNA and other topics; adventures include Extreme Adventure in which students learn about the muscles of the body and how they can be specifically trained for various sports; live web cams to see what's going on at science centers around the country (K-8)

Earth Systems

Rocks and Soil
Ask the Answer Worm Ask the official worm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture questions about soil (K-6)
The Dirt on Soil An interactive learning activity about soil (4-12)
Nova- Volcano's Deadly Warning Interviews, slideshows, and interactive resources (5-12)
Rock Hounds Rock information, activities, and lesson plans (2-8)
The Image- Mineral Collection Information and pictures about 172 minerals (3-12)
Water Cycle
Water Cycle Animated diagram of water cycle (2-6)
Water Cycle NGFL Animated water cycle and water cycle game (3-6)
Weather and Seasons
Cloud Matching Match real pictures of various types of clouds (3-6)
Cloud Types Table with cloud facts and pictures (3-12)
EdHeads Weather Interactive site that allows students to create a 3-day forecast, choose from three levels (3-8)
Meteorology Web-based instructional modules that incorporate text, colorful diagrams, animations, computer simulations, audio and video (7-12)
National Weather Service Kids Page Information and related activities on weather (K-6)
Reason for the Seasons This is an interactive flash animation that helps explain the reason for the seasons (2-6)
Savage Earth Animated description of a tsunami (2-6)
Tsunami - 2004 Kalutara Beach, Sri Lanka See before and after pictures (4-12)
Weather Channel for Kids Kid friendly version of The Weather Channel (K-8)
WeatherNet Find out the weather forecast for a locale; weather resources (5-12)
Weather Flash Interactive game; students must change a weather map to match the forecast (3-8)
WeatherScope Uses online real timedata investigations and hands-on activities to guide student discovery of the science behind the factors that affect weather and climate; learn how to record weather data and represent it in graphs and maps, how to compare weatherin different places and different times, and to identify and explain the factors that affect temperature and current weather conditions, and possibly forecast future ones (5-12)
Weather Watch Change the Equatorward Temperature, Poleward Temperature, and Relative Humidity to create various types of weather (2-8)


Animal Adaptations
Animal Adaptations Visit various sites to learn more about animal adaptations (2-8)
Dirtmeister's Animal Adaptations Steps help you investigate, observe, and report about animal adaptations (3-8)
EcoKids Interactive game (2-5)
E-Safari Explore animal adaptations while enjoying these five e-Safaris (2-5)
Room 108 Quiz Find out how much you know about animal adaptations by taking this interactive quiz (3-8)
Biomes Concise information about biomes (3-8)
Biomes of the World Explore the biomes of the world (K-12)
Introduction to Biomes A beginner's guide to biomes; contains maps and pictures of the different biomes (K-12)
World of Biomes Information about the five major biomes (3-12)
Exploring Ecosystems Take a virtual fieldtrip and visit several different ecosystems (2-4)
H20 Calculator Use this calculator to help you conserve water (2-8)
Passport to the Rainforest Pictures, maps, and detailed information about the geosystems and ecosystems of the Brazilian rain forest; e-mail actual researchers in the rainforest (K-12)
Rainforest Action Network World rainforest information portal (K-12)
Recycle City Visit Recycle City and find out all about recycling (2-8)
Dinosaur Clip Art Clip art of dinosaurs; links to more (K-12)
Dinosauria Information, timeline, links (4-12)
Discovering Dinosaurs Activities and information (3-12)
Enchanted Learning-Dinosaurs Pictures, information, quizzes, printables (K-6)
Walking with Dinosaurs Information, images (3-12)
Food Chains
Create a Food Web Click and drag the animals and arrows to form a possible food web
Food Chains Choose a habitat and complete the food chain (3-8)
Food Chains and Webs Explores food chains and food web and even includes an interactive area where you create possible food webs (4-12)
Food Webs An interactive food web that students can create online and then print(3-8)
Introduction to Food Chains and Food Webs Demonstrates the energy flow through a food chain by constructing model food chains and food webs with the given drawings of organisms (7-12)
Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection Interactive activity created by Kidwings (6-8)

Force and Motion

Fear of Physics Learn the laws of physics behind sports and everyday activities; interactive (7-12)
Flash Animations for Physics Flash animations sorted by category (9-12)
iPhysics Huge collection of simulations
Physical Science Lesson Plans Discovery School lesson plans for physical science (K-12)
Physics Games Learn more about physics by playing fun games (4-12)
Sixty Symbols Videos about physics and astronomy symbols (7-12)
The Physics Zone Science Joy Wagon's resource for learning introductory level, algebra-based, physics; lessons and review are organized by topic(7-12)
Simple Machines
Glencoe Simple Machines Match vocabulary with definition (3-6)
Levers and Pulleys Make simple machines work together (3-6)
MiKids Simple Machines Information and pictures of each type of simple machine (2-6)
The Odd Machine Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create The Odd Machine! (2-6)
Simple Machines EdHead Learn about simple and compound machines; interactive; teacher's guide (2-6)


MadSci Network Ask a scientist; a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions (K-12)
Scientific Method
Finding the Lighthouse Diamond Thief Fun, engaging webquest for middle school students (6-9)
Scientific Method PowerPoint Click on Instructional Strategy and then Scientific Method PowerPoint; Click Open. Save to desired location. (2-8)
Scientific Method Quiz Take this interactive quiz to discover how much you know about the Scientific Method (6-12)
Scientific Method Web Page Teacher created web page that explains each step of the scientific method in various ways (3-8)
Mad Scientist Experiments Enter a lab to discover experiments, facts, and results (3-8)

Living Organisms

Anatomy of the Eye Learn about the inner working of the eye (4-12)
Biodidac A bank of digital resources for biology teachers (K-12)
Biological Animations Short animations of biological processes (6-12)
Biozone Extensive bank of biology links listed by subject (4-12)
Biointeractive Virtual labs let students identify deadly pathogens, probe heart patients, dissect a leech, or assay antibodies (7-12)
Biology in Motion Interactive online activities and exhibits for students and teachers (4-12)
The Biology Project An online interactive resource (6-12)
Changing the Face of Medicine Engage in online learning about how the human body works and find out how exceptional physicians have helped to improve our quality of life
Cool Science for Curious Kids Biology activities; sponsored by Howard Hughes (K-6)
Cracking the Code of Life This site includes 16 video clips on various genetic topics (9-12)
DNA From the Beginning Each concept is explained by: animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links (7-12)
DNA Interactive Comprehensive interactive site (5-12)
Reconstructors Solve Medical Mysteries An interactive online game; includes the fundamentals of microbiology, infectious diseases, and epidemiology including virtual labs (1-12)
Viruses and Bacteria Interactive site where students try to solve a mystery about microbes
Animals Pictures plus easy-to read flashcard facts, a coloring page to print, and a list of additional websites to explore; the games area includes dot-to-dot puzzles for each animal and animal sounds exploration areas (K-6)
Animal Adaptations Scholastic Site about animals, adaptations, and the Galapagos Islands (3-8)
Especies Fact Sheets Electric fact sheets on over 50 species from bison to zebra (K-12)
4-H Horse Farm Full of facts and activities dealing with horses (K-4)
Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Extensive resource on frogs; includes frog fun facts, frog sounds, and more (3-12)
Froguts Online virtual dissection of a frog; very real-life, click on demos (3-12)
Microbe Zoo Pictures of microbes; data about their size, scientific classification, feeding habitats, and more; descriptions of how the microbes fit into and interact with their environment and other microorganisms (5-12)
National Zoological Park Content-rich pages some featuring live webcasts of various zoo exhibits; activities (K-12)
Red Gold The epic story of blood, including, blood basics, history and blood's journey
State Animals Learn more about animals from every state (K-6)
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Turn on and off layers as you learn about the anatomy of a frog (7-12)
Virtual Knee Surgery Take on the role of the Surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery (7-12)
Wildlife Filmmaker Make a custom film using animal clips, sound, music and text (2-8)
Worms- The Adventures of Herman The "Autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the Worm"; includes My Anatomy; Worm Deli, and more (K-4)
Yucky Features Your Gross and Cool Body, worm world, roach world (K-6)
Alien Empire Interactive site teaches you about the daily life of a honeybee (3-8)
Bug Bios "Biographies" of many bugs (1-6)
Bug Catcher Interactive site that is full of fun "bug stuff". (2-8)
Bug Fun Categories include Bug Food, Insects All Year, Mystery Bug, Insect Stories, and more (1-6)
Bug Mugs Rap sheets and mug shots of the 12 "Most Wanted" bugs (1-6)
Insectclopedia Information, images, worksheets, lessons (3-7)
Living Jewels Photo gallery of extraordinary insect portraits featuring vivid, larger than life photographic images of exotic beetles (2-12)
Cells Alive! Downloadable graphics of many types of cells (6-12)
Cell Biology Animation Watch cells in action (7-12)
Cell Structure and Function Quiz Label cells and answer questions with this interactive quiz (5-12)
Cell Webpage Tour a virtual cell. Teacher resources to accompany this activity (6-12)
Inside a Cell Interact and learn more about each part of a cell (5-12)
Mixed Up Cells Identify and explain the differences and similarities between plant and animal organelles (5-12)
Understanding Genetics Several interactive online exhibits (9-12)
Life Cycles
21 Day Life Cycle of Chickens Explore the fascinating 21-day life cycle of thechick (2-8)
BBC Life Cycles Label the parts of a plant using this interactive diagram (3-6)
Butterflies Activities; resources; teacher's pages (1-7)
Butterflies of North America Photos, distribution maps, identification (3-9)
Cycles of Life Interactive site that covers life cycle of butterfly, frog and plant (K-3)
Monarch Butterflies Information, pictures and activities (2-8)
USGS Children's Butterfly Sites Photographs, life cycle, activities, resources (1-7)
Virtual Hatch Project Information, animations and pictures (2-8)
Biology of Plants Plant information written for elementary students (2-6)
Dichotomous Plant Key Solve 5 plant mysteries while you learn about dichotomous keys (4-12)
Great Plant Escape Fundamentals of plant growth and composition, soil, seeds, and plant reproduction, among other things; divided into six 'cases,' the site provides activities and a glossary of terms (2-6)
Missouri Botanical Garden Information and links about Missouri plant life (K-12)
Plants in Motion Intriguing time-lapse QuickTime movies that show the movement of plants as they grow (K-12)

Matter and Energy

Forms of Energy
Amusement Park Physics Explore the role of physics in amusement park rides; includes a design your own roller coaster activity (5-12)
Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits Interactive lessons with quizzes (3-6)
Electricity Games and Activities Collection of interactive games and activities (2-6)
Ionic and Covalent Bonding Online quizzes and overview (9-12)
Ohm Zone Build various types of circuits (5-8)
Energy Kids Page Information, timelines and fun activities about energy (3-6)
Engineering Interact Interactive science and engineering (3-6)
Flying Pig Six basic types of motion along with the mechanisms that can be used to convert them (4-8)
More Science than Math Links to several interactive physics tools (8-12)
The Why Files Virtual science comes alive (3-12)
Light, Sound, and Energy
Science Lab Work with simulations to explain the science of light (4-12)
Science, Optics, and You Learn about light, color, and optics which includes basic information about lenses, shadows, prisms, color and the scientific instruments; interactive; teacher resources (7-12)
Star Light Star Bright Learn everything you want to know about light (4-12)
Mixtures and Solutions
Foss Mixtures and Solutions Learn basic concepts of chemistry while you take a trip to the junkyard to find out what elements are in discarded materials (3-8)
Molecules Twist, tilt, and twirl 3D representations of common molecules, including cholesterol, glucose, amino acids, and harmful environmental toxins; accompanying text describes the origin of each molecule and additional information (9-12)
Molecularium Fun site that helps students build various molecules (5-8)
Periodic Table
Balance Chemical Equations Practice balancing chemical equations (9-12)
Balancing Chemical Equations Quiz This lesson gives students practice balancing chemical equations (9-12) Interactive Periodic Table with information and graphic of each element (6-12)
Chemistry Games Play games to practice using the periodic table and work with balancing chemical equations (9-12)
Dynamic Periodic Table Awesome resource you can interact with (6-12)
Element Flashcard Game The computer will give you an element and you have to supply either its chemical name, its chemical symbol or its atomic number.
The Elements Song Song about all of the Elements (6-12)
Holt: Periodic Table A PDF file of a printable periodic table (7-12)
Mokeur's Periodic Table Interactive site that allows you to manipulate the elements in many ways (7-12)
The Periodic Table of Comic Books A working periodic table that uses comic book characters to draw students into learning about the elements (7-12)
Periodic Table PowerPoint An interactive page with web links to pages about each element (7-12)
Periodic Table of Elements Provides data on the chemical elements including properties, element names in many languages and most known nuclides (7-12)
The Periodic Table of Videos A video is available for each element (6-12)
WebElements Periodic Table Source for chemistry information on the WWW relating to the periodic
table (7-12)
Properties and Principles of Matter
Acids and Bases Work out interactive problem sets (9-12)
The Atoms Family Learn about the basic principles of atoms and matter; energy conservation;kinetic and potential energy, the properties of light, waves, and particles; thedifferent forms of electricity; fuel conservation and energy transfer
Chem4Kids Matter, reactions, elements, and much more information on chemistry (4-12)
Chemical Bonding Overview of chemical bonding with interactive flash clips (7-12)
Creative Chemistry Worksheets, teaching modules, teaching notes, practical guides, chemistry puzzles, interactive revision quizzes, molecular models (9-12)
Interactive Whiteboard Chemistry Wiki Click on the subjects on the left to find SMART Notebook files about that area of chemistry (9-12)
Strange Matter Discover what the world is really made of; zoom into a soda can to see its individual atoms, transform sand into a cell phone, and even learn how to fight cancer cells: includes teaching guides (5-8)
What's That Stuff Take a look at the chemistry behind a wide variety of everyday products (5-12)
States of Matter
States of Matter Learn about solids, liquids and gasses (3-6)

Science/Technology &Human Activity

Careers in Life Science Nice collection of science career links (4-12)
Choose Your Own Adventure Fun way to look at various careers in science (4-8)
Cool Careers in Science Check out what these real-life scientists have to say about how they chose their work, what they do everyday and why they enjoy being scientists (3-8)
Famous Scientists
Famous Physicists Learn more about scientists from the field of physics (4-12)
Famous Scientists Nice list of scientists from all areas (4-12)
Light and Energy List of scientists who have devoted their lives to understanding the aspects of light and energy (4-12)
Science Heroes Great directory of heroes (4-12)
Field Trips
Powell Gardens Powell Gardens is a private, not-for-profit organization located just east of Kansas City, Missouri, with the mission of inspiring people to appreciate, beautify and conserve our natural environment.
Science City Let curiosity be your guide through more than 50 interactive areas, providing some real hands-on fun
Science Fair
Science Fair Central Creative investigations into the real world (K-12)
Science Fair Project Resource How to do a science fair project plus cool ideas (4-8)
Super Science Fair Projects Guides middle school, jr. high and high school students through the
intricacies of science fair projects; includes a parent's guide and
a teacher's resource page; topics, ideas, experiments, resources (6-12)
Virtual Science Field Trips Online field trips complete with lesson plans and teacher resources

Scientific Tools

Electron Microscope Image Gallery Explore familiar and unexpected views of the microscopic world with these colorized images from electron microscopes (3-12)
Units of Measurement Conversion Make converting easy with this on-line tool (8-12)
Technological Inventions
Inventions and Technology Learn more about science inventions, includes timelines (3-12)
Scientific Calculator Interactive Scientific Calculator (8-12)
Technology and Inventions This PBS site explores inventions from the past as well as what to look for in the future


Earth, Sun, and Moon
EarthKam A NASA sponsored program that provides stunning, high quality photographs of our planet taken from the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (K-12)
Harcourt Phases Interactive demonstration of the phases (2-8)
Interactive Phases of the Moon Choose your location and view the phases of the moon (2-8)
Phases of the Moon Great explanation of the phases of the moon (2-6)
Solar System
Amazing Space Several activities covering space topics (2-12)
Astronomy Interactives McGraw-Hill brings an assortment of outstanding Interactives (4-8)
Astronomy Zoom School Enchanted Learning; basic information and images (2-6)
Explore the Solar System Interactive game in which students attempt to find their way back to earth
GeoAstro Applet Collection Java Applets with detailed solar and lunar data where you can observe the daily and annual path of the sun and moon for any location (2-12)
Hubble Space Project The official home page for the Hubble Space Telescope (K-12)
NASA Many space resources; investigate Educational Resources (5-12)
NASA Kids Full of activities and games (K-6)
NASA Treehouse Designed to introduce students to NASA; integrate mathematics, science, and technology through the use of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), scientific inquiry, and the scientific method; includes a wealth of instructional resources (1-5)
Nine Planets Images and information (6-12)
Planet Impact Interactive site about comets (4-12)
Solar System Live Provides an interactive look at our solar system. By selecting a date and time, it is possible to view the relative positions of the planets in our system (K-12)
Solar System Trading Cards Game which provides information about the solar system (3-7)
Space Doctor Player becomes the doctor assigned to astronauts going to Mars (3-8)
Space Place Games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology
Windows to the Universe Learn about the planets and our universe; provided for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users (4-12)
The Zula Patrol Fun games and activities about space topics (2-8)